Spring cleanout

Keep your fish and plants happy with a spring cleanout. Start the new season out fresh so that you can enjoy your pond as soon as possible without the headache of cleaning it yourself. 

Spring is a busy season so get on the schedule fast!

When we visit this is what you can expect:

  • Drain pond

  • Place fish in holding container

  • Remove debris from pond

  • Powerwash rocks & gravel

  • Reposition rocks & gravel

  • Rinse pond

  • Fix settled edges as needed

  • Clean skimmer

  • Clean biofalls

  • Clean filter mats

  • Clean bog filter (if applicable)

  • Trim and/or divide aquatic plants

  • Check all underwater lights/reset transformer

  • Check Iongen probe

  • Dechlorinate water

  • Acclimate & reintroduce fish into pond

  • Diagnose potentially sick fish

  • Reconnect pump

  • Start filling pond (leave on trickle for homeowners to turn off)

Spring Cleanout Packages

Tadpole: Up to 88 sq ft: $585

Frog: Up to 176 sq ft: $975

Toad: Up to 320 sq. ft: $1315

**Last year's spring clean out customers receive 20% this year!

Additional Spring Services

IonGen System Installation: $500

Automatic Dosing System Installation: $250

1-watt submersible light: $155

3-watt submersible light: $210

6-watt submersible light: $265

Removing/dividng lilies (bottom is full of lilies): $12 sq ft