Double your pond time with pond lighting

August 12, 2019

Frogs and crickets chirping, lightening bugs all around, and the sound of moving water. The "night life" of a pond is often overlooked by pond owners because they do not have the proper pond lighting to really enjoy it. 



Underwater spotlights illuminate the water from below, allowing you to see the fish move in a way that the sun's glare may block.

The waterfall uplights make the water dance over rocks and show you 10x more detail and beauty.


The landscape lights create a juxtaposition between light and dark, emphasizing details that you would normally miss. 

It is truly a separate experience to see a pond at night. Having pond lighting is almost like having two ponds--a day pond and a night pond. If you have any questions about adding lighting to your existing pond, contact us at 479-268-2915.



*Affiliate Disclosure: We do use affiliate links throughout blog posts such as these to promote our favorite products while receiving a small commission.*

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