Do you have the right filtration for your pond?

September 23, 2019

As you may know by now, Ecosystem ponds require 5 elements in order to create clear, healthy, low maintenance ponds--plants, fish, gravel, recirculation and filtration. 


There are two types of filtration that every pond needs in order to succeed--Biological and Mechanical--and each have a separate job.

Biological filters use bacteria to break down pond waste and turn it into a more useful substance such as fertilizer for the pond plants. 

Mechanical filters, usually where the pump is housed, use a system of pads to trap sediment so that waste is not passing to the biological filter faster than the bacteria can break it down. However, there are many other systems

that can help maintain a pond. A pressure filter utilizes a UV light to eliminate microscopic particles. 

Think of it like "Good, Better, and Best". If you have an existing pond that does not have the correct filtration, sometimes a good option is the "best" option for space or what you can afford. But either way, filtration should be a top priority when planning and building a low maintenance, ecosystem pond.



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