Cody's Corner: My Clients, My Friends

March 13, 2019

The water feature industry is an unusual niche of the landscaping industry. The landscape industry itself is competitive and even cut-throat sometimes. After landscaping for many years, making the switch to focus mainly on water features came about after attending a conference in Oklahoma centered completely around the water feature industry. It was amazing to see so many companies from all over the country, coming together as friends to discuss best practices, their revenue goals, mistakes and even their lives outside of work. 


I always knew I loved building water features but it was this moment that I realized these are "my people". It only continued when becoming a Certified Aquascape Contractor. If you want to see a bond, look at one between two CACs. For us it is more than work. It is more than paying bills. It is our passion. We collaborate, support each other and hold each other accountable. I can truly say they are my friends. 


To see others in my industry not only succeeding but also creating relationships with those around them, was a refreshing thing after years of being in the aggressive landscape industry. his was the spark that turned my passion into a flame.

This shift in my business' mission transformed my focus from the landscape to the client. It shifted from turning a profit to empowering someone to enjoy being at home, have a space to relax and to make memories, and fall in love with their outdoor space.


From the first consultation to the final walk through, installing a water feature is an investment, I know. I want our clients to feel safe with their money and to feel it is well spent. I want to build a relationship with the client based on trust and honesty. It is the only way I can know that what I pour my creativity into is what the client really wants.


The funny thing is that through this process something else started coming out of it. Friendship. I consider all of my clients to be my friends. I think about them a month after finishing project. I think about them 3 years after finishing a project. I truly hope my clients, my friends, know what I stand for and what I am passionate about. No matter what differences we may have, we are joined together through this passion of mine...a passion that is hopefully now theirs too. 



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