Backyard Ecosystems Impact Regional Ecosystems

January 19, 2019

Everyone knows what an Ecosystem is. It's the plants, animals, organisms that make up a community. As the Earth is more populated and people are building and living their lives, the delicate ecosystem around us is impacted. 


Animals are forced out of their homes and important watersheds are manipulated for our use. I wouldn't call myself an environmentalist but I do know that I love to experience an ecosystem first hand. It's one of the reasons that I love building water features. I don't want that to go away anytime soon.

There are so many animals, reptiles, and insects that are attracted to water. That also includes many parts of the ecosystem that we don't see with the naked eye. Having that in our backyards not only creates a backyard ecosystem, but also affects the regional ecosystem as well....and for the better.

Now some of you reading may be thinking I don't want those animals in my yard?!?!


What is amazing though is that the more we understand ecosystems and the organisms that live in them, the more we appreciate and respect what they have to offer our environment.


As habitats are being restored and ecosystems that mimic nature are being built, the frogs, toads and newts, along with the birds that have been driven from natural wetland habitats, are finding a peaceful place to exist even in our busy suburban environments.


Learn more about how to get an ecosystem pond in your backyard here. Or See our trip to California to build a Wetland not only to clean a bird habitat but also bring reptiles back to a seasonal wetland.

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