3 Reasons to Buy Pond Lighting NOW

September 14, 2018


Many people don't think about enjoying their water feature at night. It's really a shame too because so much goes on at night around a pond. Animals are out, fish are active, and it can be such a serene place. A lot of people can't enjoy their water feature at night though because they don't have lighting. Some possible reasons for not adding light are: "Just more money", "do we really need it?", "what difference does it make," etc. 



If you are one of these people, I'm going to change your mind right now. This is why you need to add lighting to your pond. Don't forget to subscribe so you can read next week's blog, "How to Place Lights around Your Water Feature Like a Pro."


#1: Optimize Usage


When you add lights to your pond or around  your pond, you are increasing the time you can spend by it. Say it gets dark at 7:00pm, even if you go to bed at 10pm, that's 3 extra hours of usable pond time. (If you are a night owl, you need to stop reading this and go buy lights because your whole life will change.) That means you are essential making the money you spent on having the pond installed be more efficient because you are using the pond more. ENJOY POND MORE = WORTH THE COST.



#2: See Your Fish


Underwater lights allow you to illuminate the inside of your pond at night. I think my favorite time to watch my koi is at night because there isn't a glare from the sun blocking my view. If you are a koi fanatic, underwater lights are for you.




#3: Outdoor Lighting Adds Curb Appeal/Value


The below image is of our yard at home. The picture on the left is without the pond lit up, the picture on the right is with the pond illuminated. See the difference adding outdoor lighting makes? 



So do yourself a favor and enjoy your pond more with pond lighting. Check out our full selection of Pond Lights  at the River Rock Water Gardens Online Store See you next week for our next lighting article, "How to Place Lights around Your Water Feature Like a Pro."





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