How to Perform Your Own Pond Spring Cleanout

April 12, 2018


So we’re half way through the pond clean out season and we are on overdrive! Spring clean outs are so important to keep that ecosystem healthy and thriving. Just like spring cleaning, getting blonde highlights, and breaking out the shorts, we are preparing our ponds for it’s showcase season!



If you are new to koi ponds, have built your own, or just want to take on the task yourself, these are our steps to the Spring Pond Cleanout. P.S. our Pondless cleanouts are very similar…just minus the fish. 


Disclaimer: There are so many methods out there for taking care of water gardens and koi ponds. This is the tried and tested best method that we have seen the best results with.


10 Pond Cleanout Steps:

  1. Drain the pond. 

  2. Place the fish in a holding container WITH AERATION. When we pump the water out of the pond, we first put the discharge hose in the holding tank. Not only does it cut down on water conditioner but it saves water and the fish are already used to that water temperature. 

  3. Remove debris from pond. Anything that is too large to get washed down and pumped out needs to be removed. (Dead plant material, leaves, etc.) 

  4. Power-Wash the rocks and gravel. This will take the most time! Start at the top of the waterfall, if you have one, and work your way down. You will have to pump out the water a few times so keep your pump handy. 

  5. Rinse out the pond one more time. Sometimes the power washing splashes small debris. Rinse the pond down with less pressure just to double check. 

  6. Clean Filter equipment. (skimmers, biofalls, etc.)

  7. Clean the filter mats. (I’ll give you a tip: We clean our filter mats with the existing water when we drain the pond. The point of cleaning filter mats is to get the majority of the debris out. Power washing them can also wash out lots of beneficial bacteria that the pond needs.

  8. Check any plants to make sure they don’t need to be divided or repotted. 

  9. Begin filling pond and dechlorinate water. City water needs to be dechlorinated for the fish. Well water can even need it. Best practice is to dechlorinate no matter where the water comes from. 

  10. Diagnose any sick fish as you are reintroducing the fish to the pond. We place the fish in bags and let the acclimate to the new water for 30 minutes. 


So there you have it, you have all the knowledge to do your own clean out!....Or you could just call an Aquascape Certified Contractor to do it! Either way, make sure your pond is ready to go for the season.



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