How To: Milk Can Fountain

July 19, 2017

So if you haven't already, watch the youtube video on Cody building the very easy Milk Can Fountain.


As you can see, this is easy to do with a few tools and supplies. We're going to walk you through the process with step-by-step instructions and a supply list below. You download a FREE PDF of these instructions HERE.



Using a few simple items, it's easy to turn anything that holds water (like this milk can) into a beautiful centerpiece for your yard. Size and variation may vary but these instructions will provide the basic supplies for this smaller scale fountain and reservoir. Please remember when digging to call 811 to have lines marked.




• Aquascape Mini Basin

• Aquascape 320 GPH Statuary Pump

• Aquascape LED Fountain Light with Transformer

• 1 1-2” Bulkhead Fitting

• 1 1/2” PVC Male Adapter

• 2-3 Feet of 3/4” Flexible Spiral Pipe

• 2-3 Feet of 1 1-2” PVC Pipe SCH 40

• 2-3 Buckets (depending on size) of Gravel of Choice



• Shovel

• Flathead Screwdriver

• Wrench

• Level

• Channel Locks

• 1 1-2” Whole Saw Bit

• Power Drill

• Pipe Cutters




1. Take the Minibasin out of the box and assemble.


2. Place on ground where you want the feature to be.


3. Mark location and dig a hole slightly larger than bottom of reservoir.


4. Smooth ground and set basin in place.


5. Check to see if the basin is level front to back and side to side. Adjust if needed.


6. Fill around basin with loose soil. Press to slightly compact. Make sure it is still level!


7. Move top of basin in place. Make sure there is enough soil under to hold in place and not sag.


8. Drill hole in the bottom of the milk can using the whole saw bit.


9. Unscrew bulkhead fitting. Attach male adapter to the female end of the bulkhead fitting. Insert the male side of the bulkhead through the inside of the milk can and out the bottom. Place outside ring on and screw nut back onto the bulkhead on the bottom of milk can.


10. Push PVC pipe onto male adapter inside the milk can.


11. Measure where to cut pipe. Should be 4-5” below top.


12. Take back out and cut pipe with pipe cutters. Place back into position.


13. Unattached LED light from transformer. Run light wire through the pipe and out the bottom of the milk can. Do not push down in place yet.


14. Run the flexible pipe through the bottom of the milk can to the top. Attach flexible pipe to the barb on the bottom of the light.


15. Run the flexible pipe and light wire through the center of the basin and out either the left or right access box. (Lid comes off using finger hole.)


16. Leaving enough flexible pipe to easily pull out of the

access port cut off unnecessary pipe.


17. Attach flexible pipe to the statuary pump.


18. Place pump back into basin.


19. Run pump wire and light wire through the hole of the access box lid and place lid back on basin.


20. Attach light wire to transformer.


21. Fill basin and milk can with water.


22. Place rock around basin to cover and disguise.


23. Turn on fountain and enjoy!



Under 25 Steps. Under an hour. Under $150. I'll take that deal! Remember that if you want to keep these on hand. Download the free PDF to print out and keep beside you while working! 



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