Here's How to Make Your Yard Cool in Under an Hour

July 19, 2017

Plants. Grass. Sidewalks. Flowers. Trees. What do these all have in common? They're in a typical ordinary yard. 


Oh, what's that you say? You don't want a plain yard, you say?? Well here's how to avoid that!


This simple fountain can take a boring yard and make it have a little visual interest. And I know that because I have such dedicated readers, I don't have to remind you how important I think water is in your yard and how positive of an effect it can have. (Wink Wink)


Here's the before and after pictures:






What a way to take a boring space and make it awesome! Another great part about this fountain is that you don't have to use a milk can. Anything that can hold water will work! We just suggest that it stays fairly small (This milk can is under 20 inches tall and 12" wide.) to reduce splash. 



We have some great resources for you to help build your own!


Watch a youtube video HERE.


Download FREE step-by-step instructions HERE.


Buy the kit to build your own (minus the milk can) HERE!

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