Bog Filtration: Why you need it!

March 14, 2017

What in the algae is a bog filtration system?!?



Picture this: You just put in your nice natural water garden. Maybe even added a few Koi in the process. It's wonderful and relaxing. All of a sudden.....BAM! It stops working. 


Panic Mode: What am I going to do. I just bought a $100 baby Koi, my pond will turn green, think of those tiny organisms just laughing with full bellies under my paid for water!


Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about things like that? 


That's why you need a BOG FILTRATION SYSTEM!



To sum it up bog filtration is taking some pebbles, some plants and a pump that is forcing all the water to go through those pebbles and plants causing the micro-organisms to be eaten and settled in this sort of natural trash can.


More detailed: Bog filtration using plants and a sediment chamber removes the nutrients from the water which algae needs to survive providing you with nice clean water.


See? Not that complicated.


Here's a diagram incase there's any other nerds like me out there! This came from a article by Anita Nelson with Nelson Water Gardens in PondTrade Magazine from 2015.




Bog Filtration vs. Big Box Filtration 

So you're saying it's better than an artificial system or an expensive "I know what I'm doing, I'm in the pond business" filtration box?


Eh. Hmm. Err. Well.... yes. and no. 


What I and so many others love about bog filtration is that there isn't a more natural way to make your water feature feel, well natural. It mimics exactly what is working in nature all around us. 


Another pro: Less Maintenance!

Without equipment that you don't understand, you won't be calling professionals to come fix the equipment you don't understand. Of course there is a little equipment in the process. You still will need a pump of sorts and I suppose something could leak. I am not saying there won't be any problems. Most of the problems with bog filtration systems involve pulling out some plants.



The big black box filtration system has A LOT of mechanical parts and pieces that are not common knowledge to the average consumer. Meaning you will be calling someone to fix it. 




Is Bog Filtration for You?

Whether you decide to go with a manmade filtration system (totally cool with that by the way) or a natural bog filtration system (even cooler), look into putting in both. Honestly it doesn't cost that much in the long run (especially if you are already buying a box filtration system and you will have a backup plan if that one ever goes out!) 


For me, I love having the opportunity to replicate nature as close as possible and Bog Filtration helps me do that.


Have you had any experiences with bogs?




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