How a Water Garden Can Change Your Family

March 9, 2017


A lot of people bash Millennials. We don't work hard. We are always on our phones. We don't know what a house phone is. (We do by the way, that's the next generation.) One thing that most millennials are getting right is the general idea that life is about experiences. 


BUT... it's not just Millennials. Everyone seems to be de-cluttering their stuff, their schedule and their lives. And honestly, I'm all for it. 


Jammed schedules, kids growing to fast and not enough sleep but enough time to watch my favorite show is too much to handle sometimes. My brain hurts, I'm cranky, and stressed out...FOR WHAT? 


On the weekends, I sit down at the end of the week and think, "what did we do the last seven days?" And it scares me. I want my kids to get all out of life they can.

I want them to go places and do things and know more than what shortcut goes with F6 on the keyboard. I want them to get dirty, sweat, sunburnt and learn about this amazing world that God gave us. 


What does this have to do with water gardens?


I'll tell you. EXPERIENCES.


Like I said our schedule is so packed. So those days or weeks that we didn't spend quality time together were somewhat meaningless.  


That saying about a mechanics car rings true for landscapers too. At the end of the day Cody doesn't want to work in our yard and I completely understand. With how tired he comes in some days, I'm just impressed that he mows the yard.


That being said...we don't have a big water garden and lush greenery throughout our .65 acre.


One anniversary Cody surprised me with a sweet little bubbling rock right beside the living room sliding door. I really enjoyed it of course but didn't truly LOVE it until I watched Logan playing in it.



He can spend all day sitting on the edge sticking his feet in the water. It's such a great learning experience that is totally unplugged. We find sticks and different kinds of leaves. We've found frogs, a turtle, and lizards. We feel different textures and hear sounds and smell smells. 


And the best part about it is that it's in our yard. I don't have to load up the kids to go to the park. I don't have to plan a trip to the zoo. We can come home, have a good 30 minutes even an hour of play time and relaxing out there and it just washes all of the stress of the day away. And we're getting these memories that my kids are going to remember forever. 


Us parents, we are the worriers right?? We all want our kids to have great memories of us. Water gardens will give you that. Or bubbling rocks. Or koi ponds. Or fountains. No matter how small your yard is, you can make memories in it.


I'm not trying to sell you an industry here. Get some water in your yard. Even if you go by a kit from a big box store or lay some trash bags in a hole. (Please don't lay some trash bags in a hole...) 


Life is centered around water. Let's make our experiences centered around water too.




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