Decorative Water Features

What is a Decorative Water Feature?

Decorative Waterfeatures are Fountainscapes and include a wide variety of products. Patio Ponds, Stand-Alone Fountains, Bubblers, Spitters, and anything else with a reservoir. 

What are the different types of Decorative Water Feature?

Patio Ponds

Container Water Gardens are great if you want to test the waters or have a limited space. Think of it as a tiny Water Garden with plants and even fish if you want!

Stand-Alone Fountains

These are gaining popularity because they are easy too set up and maintain. All you need to do is add water and plug it in.

Bubbling Stone Fountains and Spillway Bowls

These types of water features are larger and use in ground reservoirs. These make a big statement and only take a few hours to complete.

Decorative Spitters

Add whimsical features to existing ponds, streams and container gardens while adding water movement. Spitters can also be featured alone by using small reservoirs in existing landscapes. 

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