Fall shutdown

Being proactive can save you money and time down the road. Prepare your pond in the early fall to minimize the work it requires in late fall and winter. Falling leaves and debris can sit on the pond bottom all winter decomposing, creating the unsightly and unhealthy bottom sludge.

Protect your pond from falling leaves.

When we visit this is what you can expect:

  • Trim back pond plants

  • Disconnect pump for storage (if applicable)

  • Rinse Biofalls mats

  • Net out leaves

  • Set-up Netting

Fall Shutdown Packages

Tadpole: Up to 88 sq ft: $375

Frog: Up to 176 sq ft: $450

Toad: Up to 320 sq. ft: $525

Additional Fall Services

IonGen System Installation: $500

Automatic Dosing System Installation: $250

1-watt submersible light: $155

3-watt submersible light: $210

6-watt submersible light: $265

*Not including transformer

*Pro60 Aerator Installation: $600

*300-watt Pond De-Icer: $300